Department of Homeland Security – US Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, DC

General Services Administration
Washington, DC

General Contractor
Clark Design/Build LLC
Bethesda, Maryland

Dynalectric played a key role in the electrical construction of the new headquarters of the U.S Coast Guard.  Located on a 176-acre site in southwest Washington, D.C. and is 2.1 million square-feet, the campus includes an 11-story office building, central utility plant, and two seven-story parking garages.  There is a 120-foot change in elevation in the project site and the headquarters’ design takes advantage of the natural topography.

The Central Utility Plant houses the two Main1200A MV Switchgear Lineups, 1200A MV Paralleling Switchgear, 6 MW Generator Plant to serve the entire facility and (2) Doubled-Ended 4000A Unit Substations to serve the CUP Mech Loads.  An underground tunnel connects the CUP to the HQ building.  The HQ Building includes (3) 1200A MV Switchgear Lineups, (6) Double-Ended 3200A Unit Substations and (5) Single-Ended 3200A Emergency Substations w/AUTO Transfer Breaker Pairs to service the power needs of the HQ building.  There are 14 Electrical Risers in the HQ building with 68 electrical closets, each housing Lighting Control Panels to control lighting throughout the building.  In addition, there are some 128 conference rooms in the HQ building w/ Dimming Controls and AV Controls.  There are (20) UPS Risers and (20) Lighting Inverters in the HQ building to support the IT and Emergency Lighting loads in the building.  The Data Center includes (2) 750 KVA UPS Lineups with (8) 200 KVA PDU’s and (32) PMM’s to serve the Data Center Servers within the building.  There are several outdoor courtyard areas within the footprint of the HQ building with exterior lighting that provides an environmentally friendly atmosphere for the Coast Guard workers.  The Fire Alarm System was designed with survivability in mind and protects the facility with a first-class installation by the Systems Group.

Lockheed Martin, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Lockheed Martin
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Prime Contractor
Dynalectric Company

In 1986, Dynalectric was selected to provide service work for several of Lockheed Martin’s buildings totaling more than 750,000 square feet. During the contract’s early years, Dynalectric worked as a subcontractor on a variety of work activities, and in 1993 the firm was elevated to prime contractor.

Dynalectric’s present responsibilities include all phases of electrical design and services, data communication, mechanical, structural, painting and other miscellaneous work activities as needed.

All work requires careful coordination to meet tight project completion dates. Dynalectric was selected because of its excellent reputation, competitive service rates, and ability to provide 24-hour emergency service.

Department of Transportation, Washington, DC

JBG/Federal, L.L.C.
Chevy Chase, Maryland

General Contractor
Clark Construction Group, LLC
Bethesda, Maryland

The new Department of Transportation Headquarters has the honor of being the first new cabinet-level headquarters to be constructed in Washington, DC in over 30 years, and is one of the largest projects ever undertaken by Dynalectric.

Sitting on an 11-acre site, this project is the first building in the massive redevelopment plan for the Southeast Federal Center, which is adjacent to the Washington Navy Yard.  The electrical distribution will consist of 8 main switchgear assemblies, 4 motor control centers, 40 power distribution units, 4 generators, a 10,000 foot busway, 245,000 feet of raceway, 3 million feet of cable, 30,000 lighting fixtures, 12,000 wiring devices, numerous panels and transformers, numerous building and control systems, and site lighting.

At completion, the structure will occupy over 2,000,000 square feet including two below-grade garage levels.  This space will house up to 7,900 federal employees.

Dynalectric’s personnel received two Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Awards for their outstanding work on this project.